The following conditions are the basis of agreement between you as a customer/customers and us as tour operators of boat trips including but not limited to fishing trips.

Company name and data
IntoBlue ApS
Skodshøj 8
9530 Støvring
CVR No. 41777901
Tel: +45-25121178
Mail: contact@intoblue.dk
Web: intoblue.dk

  1. Bookings

Trips ordered via booking at IntoBlue’s homepage, Facebook, by e-mail or SMS are binding. Buying an IntoBlue Aps trip is legally speaking considered buying a “Ticket” for which there is no right of withdrawal according to Danish Law of Purchase. We will, however, be able to deal with a cancellation request under below stipulated conditons (“Cancelleation ” cf. part 4).

The trips arranged by IntoBlue are by Danish tax law not subject to VAT, and consequently, the prices listed is also to be considered the due payment due and the full amount.

  1. Payment terms

A) Payment

Standard Trips (defined as trips as promoted on homepage or via other affiliates and partners) must be paid for when booking the trip. As such, the customer is not guaranteed a seat until the trip is paid for in full. Payment terms is 7 days for booking done via own website,. 

Non-standard trips (all other, non-advertised trips) must be paid latest 6 weeks before departure or per invoiced whichever the earliest .

B) Payment details Payment by Mobile Pay or by using bank transfer in DKK as per below bank account details:

Bank: Jyske Bank

Address: Nørregade 13, Hirtshals

Registration No: 7137

Account No: 0001010217

Account holder: IntoBlue ApS

In case of international bank transfer, customer must pay for any transactional fee, and use above account details in addition to the following IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code:

                                            IBAN: DK9471370001010217

                                            SWIFT/BIC: JYBADKKK

For both bank transfers and Mobile Pay, Customer must provide name, trip type, number of people and date of departure, as a reference.

  1. Order Confirmation

When payment for a given trip has been received in full, the Customer will receive an order confirmation which must be physically or digitally shown prior to Trip start if requested by the captain.

  1. Cancellation

If a trip is cancelled, IntoBlue Aps, has no obligation to compensate the customer for any expenses or consequential damage that a cancelled trip may have caused, including but not limited to any travel cost incurred).

A) Cancellation by Guest
If cancellation is 4 weeks or more before the scheduled departure, the ticket will be refunded, less cancellation fee of 20% of the full amount. If cancellation is later than 4 weeks before, there will be no refund. Trips cancelled no later than 2 weeks after booking, will be refunded 100% when booking is done directly at IntoBlue.

B) Cancellation by IntoBlue Aps

IntoBlue will cancel a planned trip if weather does not allow a safe execution of the trip in question, or if force majeure reasons may dictate or animate so. It is IntoBlue’s and only IntoBlue’s mandate to make such decisions.

Offshore fishing trips will be cancelled latest the day before in case of weather forecasting for average windspeed >8m/s and/or wave height of more than 1-1,5meters. Limits for other types of trips are a) 8m/s and 1m AVG wave height for oyster trips, and b) 1,5m/s and 10m/s for lobster, sea-picnic, team-building, c) 0,5m and 9m/s for seatrout, andd) 0,5m and 8m/s for mackerel.  

In the event that IntoBlue Aps has to cancel a day trip due to weather conditions – or due to other conditions beyond IntoBlue’s control incl. force majeure such as pandemic related constraints – IntoBlue Aps will always offer that the cancelled trip can be conducted at another time. If the customer cannot participate at any other time, as suggested by IntoBlue Aps, the amount paid will be refunded in full at earliest convenience.

In case the trip due to weather conditions will be shortened after trip start, the customer will be offered a compensation relative to how much remained of the total trip.  

If the trip is purchased from an agent or directly from an external affiliate, the customer may contact this entity for refund opportunities entirely according to policies stated when purchasing the trip from that entity.

In case customer does not show up at the day of the trip, there will be no refund, regardless of reasons for not turning up. For the same reason we recommend that customers take out a travel insurance covering expenses in the even illness of injury may prevent embarking on the trip.

For standard-trips, IntoBlue Aps will inform only the designated contact person from the participating party if the trip is cancelled, and it will be the responsibility of this person to communicate with the other participants and relevant stakeholders. In case weather reports several days in advance of a scheduled trip may suggest that the planned trip cannot be conducted, IntoBlue Aps will make contact to the designated contact person as soon as possible.

  1. Insurance and liability

It is recommended to customers to take out travel insurance covering in case of illness and injury, as well as covering repatriation, travel goods and cancellation.

Customers are covered by IntoBlue Aps liability insurance, but only as long as customers are on board the ship and thus not when customers are on land.

  1. Alcohol and psychedelic substances

For safety reasons, it is not allowed for customers to bring alcohol on-board or any sort nor any kind of psychedelic substance, nor is it in any way allowed to be under influence of alcohol at start of trip. The captain and the captain alone has the right to cancel the trip prior to trip start or to stop any trip in progress if any suspicion of violation occurs. In such case, no compensation will be offered for the person(s) in question. This also goes in the event that the person(s) deemed in violation with the rules will be delivered back to land at a place different from the starting point.

For trips where free beverages are included, there is a limit on two alcoholic drinks (beer) per person during the duration of the trip and specifically for lobster trips only one which can be consumed after all diving has been completed, to ensure that the respective trips can all be conducted in a safe manner.

  1. Safety regulations

Customers are obliged to follow the captain’s instructions on board at all times. If one or more customer’s behavior with reference to point 6 and/or 7 respectively will result in any premature complete stop of the trip or any other direct or indirect economical loss to IntoBlue Aps, this or these person(s) will be held directly and economically accountable for such losses.

  1. Fishing license

Please note that fishing license is mandatory in Denmark for people aged 18-65, and that the customer will be asked to visually show this prior to trip start where relevant (on all fishing and lobster trips, or trips with combination of these elements). The license can easily be paid & accounted for on fisketegn.dk

  1. Time of Departure

As An offset, the trip will start according to the agreed itinerary on order confirmation or from IntoBlue Aps homepage or Facebook. Departure times can, however, at intoBlue’s sole discretion be subject to change latest the day before to accommodate changes in weather forecast.  Any such changes will be communicated on SMS, mail or Facebook dependent on the ordered trip, and it will be Customers responsibility to stay informed and organize accordingly.

Please be at designated starting point 30 minutes before departure for a smooth start.

  1. Reservations

IntoBlue Aps reserves the right to change schedule, prices, trip content etc. at any time for any unbooked trips.

  1. Complaints

Any complaint must be made to the captain or IntoBlue Aps during the trip, or immediately after completion of the same. Written complaints must be received by the company no later than 1 week after the end of the trip for this in any way to be considered.



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