Havørred seatrout Limfjorden Mors boat trip Fishing
Havørred Mariager Fjord boat trip seatrout Fishing
Ranger seatrout Båd Fiskeplatform Boat trip Havørred Bådfiskeri


DKK4.500 for the entire boat

Max 3 persons

30 minutes before sunrise

Normally, both Start & End will be either Struer, Løgstør or Thisted for Limfjorden, and Hobro or Stinesminde for Mariager Fjord. Other options, however, are possible by appointment


On this boat trip, we will be fishing after seatrout from boat.

 Assuming a start at 6 AM (flexible cf.. above), the schedule looks like follows regardless of location:

6 AM          Greetings at agreed meeting venue & brief walk-thru of Program & Strategy of the Day

6.10 AM      Safety Protocol alignment

6.15 AM      Boarding of people & gear into the fishing boat

6.20 AM     On the way to 1st spot. Transit time being used for tips & tricks  for the 1st spot & season in question. Further, the tactics regarding use of fish finder and trolling motor are explained.

6.30            Arrival 1st spot

Trying different spots. Especially in the Spring, the seatrouts tend to gather in larger schools, and it is all about finding the fish. It  is not uncommon to cover 5 different spots within a couple of  hours if the first spot(s) do not produce the desired outcome. Being on-board of a speedy bass-boat, this will not feel stressful as opposed to doing the same thing by driving a car. As such, you can comfortably forget about all the related walking and packing/unpacking of gear…

9.00 AM    Lunch on the boat or at shore (dependent on guest preferences)

Exploring different spots around the Fjord 

11..15 AM    “Beach-landing” at spot convenient for traditional wading fishing as the guide prepares a tasty meal – if day’s catch allows – of a freshly caught seatrout (unless the guest wishes to bring the catch home instead)

12.30 PM    Fishing 1-2 spots on the way back to Port.  

13.50 PM    Getting off Boat. Cold beverage to wrap the day up & Goodbye 


For spin-fisher’s, we offer free use of IntoBlue’s high quality gear (rod, reel, and a large assortement of relevant tackle). Fly fisher’s are kindly asked to bring there own gear.

As we for the Day’s 2nd meal, will make a “beach-landing”, fishing in waders is recommended.  This will not only ensure you get on land with dry feet, you will also be able to wade the nearby water fishing as the guide prepares your meal.  Finally, waders is a good way to keep you warm during the day. 

Danish Fishing License is mandatory when older than 17 years and not served right for pension yet. Without one, you will not be allowed to embark on the trip. If you experience any trouble applying for one (can be done online “with a couple of clicks” here), we are happy to assist.

(modern & light) Life vests will be provided and are mandatory to carry both in transit and while fishing.

Please make sure to be ready at meeting venue a little bit prior to agreed meeting time to allow for timely departure. 



No age requirements – everyone are welcome to join in on this trip. For most value, however, we do recommend that any kids embarking on this trip together with their parents, have a little bit of fishing experience as this will make it much more fun. 

You must be comfortable standing on an elevated casting platform (both front & back at the boat) in open water when fishing. The boat is very wide and therefore also stable, but a good balance will make this kind of fishing more enjoyable.  In case of rough seas, we will of course be able to find shelter from wind & waves very fast.



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