Østers Oysters Limfjorden Stillehavsøsters Pacific oyster
Østers Oysters Limfjorden Stillehavsøsters Pacific oyster
Limfjordsøsters østerstur IntoBlue
Boat trip Oyster østers Limfjorden østerssafari stillehavsøsters
Boat trip Oyster østers Limfjorden stillehavsøsters
Oyster Boat trip IntoBlue østers bådtur østerssafari


On this oyster safari, we will learn where to find oysters in Limfjorden and use a RIB boat to get there.  We will get to taste the oysters in three different ways. 

Assuming a start at 10 AM (flexible cf.. above), the schedule looks like follows regardless of location starting point:

10AM                  Greetings at agreed meeting venue & brief walk-thru of Program  of the Day

10.05 AM            Safety Protocol alignment

10.10 AM             Boarding of people into the boat

10.15 AM             On the way to spot of the Day while enjoying the beautiful Limfjorden scenery

10.45 AM            Arrival at oyster reef. Hand-out of “catching tools”: buckets, water binoculars and  steel nets, and begin pick-up of oysters

11.45 AM              Serving of glass of cava, whilst opening oysters and tasting them 3-ways.

12.30 PM             Returning to starting point

13.00 PM            Arrival & Goodbye



Bring warm clothes and a rainproof jacket – it can be windy and it is inevitable to completely avoid saltwater spray from waves as we on this oyster safari cruise in high speed to and from the oyster reefs and along the coast line.

Remember practical gloves (ideally neopren gloves as these will also help keep your hands warm; alternatively some sort of waterproof working glove as your hands will most certainly be in touch with cold water). Oysters have sharp edges. Further, they often sit in clusters and seperating them from each other may require a “firm” handling. 

You will be provided a pair of PVC waders, but are also welcome to bring your own. Occasionally (depending on specific spot and tide), the oysters shall be found at more than knee-deep water, so simple rubber boots are not always enough.

A bucket for collecting the oysters and bringing them home will be provided for, and “water binoculars” will be available for easier spotting below water surface and steel nets too to lift them from the seabed.

Oyster knifes will be available for all to use under the tasting session, and be yours to keep after the trip.

(Modern) Life vests will be provided and are mandatory to wear at all times when in the boat.

As the boat will travel at fairly high speeds, remember to bring & wear sunglasses as this will make the trip more pleasant.

Please make sure to be ready at meeting venue a little bit prior to agreed meeting time to allow for timely departure. 

For the sake of good order, it should be stressed that the otherwise mandatory Danish Fishing License, is not required when collecting oysters. 


An Oyster safari boat trip is for everyone. As the trip can be “bumpy”, however,  pregnant woman in last trimester of pregnancy should not go on the trip.  The degree of “bumpiness” will be dependent on weather conditions and time of season and, while part of the fun for some, not necessarily everyone may share the enthusiasm. 
Kids below 12 years are not allowed as the season of oyster trips can make the trip a cold pleasure. Kids below 15 must be accompanied by an adult. 



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