Makrelfiskeri turbåd bådfiskeri
makrelfiskeri bådfiskeri makreller turbåd
makrelfiskeri turbåd bådfiskeri


DKK 2.550 for the entire boat

Max 3 persons




Assuming a start at 16.30 PM (flexible cf.. above, but morning or afternoon usually best) and starting point Hals (see Locations), the schedule looks like follows:

16.30 PM   Greetings at agreed meeting venue  & brief walk-thru of Program of the Day

16.35 PM   Safety Protocol alignment

16.40 PM   Boarding of people & gear into the boat

16.45 PM    On the way to 1st spot, looking for visual signs of schools of mackerel or on fish finder 

17.00 PM  (Expected) Arrival 1st spot

I                   Trying different spots until we find the fish – contrary to offshore fishing where fish often are almost certainly found at/over reefs or wrecks, finding mackerel may potentially require screening of larger areas, or showing some patience if anchored with a rubby dubby fish mash at the side of the boat. In-season, they come in large numbers, however, and fishfinder and/or a simpel use of binoculars in combination with a high-powered boat will normally help find them and position us near the fish on a given day. 

20.40 PM    Heading back to Port of starting-point.  

20.55 PM    Getting off Boat. Cold beverage to wrap the trip up & Goodbye    


For spin-fisher’s, we offer free use of IntoBlue’s high quality gear (rod, reel, and a large assortement of relevant tackle be it for float fishing or with lures), whereas fly fisher’s are kindly asked to bring there own gear.

Danish Fishing License is mandatory when older than 17 years and not served right for pension yet – without one, you will not be llowed to embark on the trip. If you experience any trouble applying for one (can be done online “with a couple of clicks” here), we are happy to assist.

(Modern & Light) Life vests will be provided and are mandatory to wear at all times when in the boat.



No age requirements – everyone are welcome to join in on this trip. For most value, however, we do recommend that any kids embarking on this trip together with their parents, have just a little bit of fishing experience. 

Preferably, you are comfortable standing on an elevated casting platform (both front & back at the boat) in open water when fishing. The boat is very wide and therefore also stable, but a good balance will make this kind of fishing more enjoyable.  For this kind of fishing, however, using the elavated platforms is not a must as one can also stand “inside” the boat. 



We will return at the earliest with an answer.

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