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“The idea behind the company name, IntoBlue, is to express the love to and passion about spending time in and engaging with the marine enviroment on boat trips. From very young, I have had a special interest in outdoor life. Ever since I was first introduced to fishing by my parents, I have had difficulties letting go of that rod & wheel again. As such, I have consistently used most of my sparetime with a fly or a lure in the water, trying to catch anything from roach to marlin.

As I have grown older, there has been a natural shift from focusing primarily on “maximum amount of flex in the least amount of time” into a more holistic approach to a fishing trip. As an example, I have found growing interest in the culinary aspects around the catch. The primary reason of going fishing / hunting today may still be to actually catch (and often release) a targetted species, but I take equal pleasure in optimizing the ways of fishing. This involves using cutting-edge electronics, and new gears & gadgets to discover and learn more about how the species behave and where they can be found. 

Last but not least, we all know that there is a distinct difference between catching and fishing. There will always be more of the latter. Thus, I want to make sure that spending time fishing is always fun. 

After 15 years of different corporate positions as director and specialist within different aspects of supply chain management, the temptation to spend more time creating memorable moments within a marine environment for someone else than myself, simply became too compelling to ignore. Hence,  IntoBlue was born.

In Denmark, both tourists from abroad and Danes coming to fish domestic waters are fortunate enough to be spoiled by a number of well-reputed fishing guides. Yet, characteristic to the vast majority of these, is that they approach the angling from a “classic” coastal / wading perspective. Truth be told, this also makes good sense in as attacking fishing grounds from the seaside does come with a price tag. Yet, fishing from a boat is superior in a number of ways, making the trip more efficient, fun and flexible. At IntoBlue we work to refine that approach to fishing and hunting for select marine species”.

Tore Mogensen, Founder & Owner of IntoBlue



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